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Babies butts

September 2013



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Sep. 1st, 2013

Babies butts


Well, it happened sooner than I had anticipated. It seems like anytime Mike and I are together for more than half a day, we always fight... So basically, every weekend. We fought big time yesterday morning/early afternoon and he left to his moms for the day and i packed everything I could fit into my van and left and i haven't talked to him since. He broke our bedroom door down and starting throwing shit infront of our babies and they were screaming. Enough is enough. That was my breaking point, my babies don't need to be around that at all, ever. Ughh.

So, I'm living at my moms. Hopefully I'll be able to get the rest of my belongings, which is almost everything in the condo, without any trouble.

I'm gonna finish grooming school and work at the halloween store still. And hopefully I'll be able to save to move out on my own.

Aug. 27th, 2013

Babies butts

(no subject)

Gracie & Noah are a year (and almost 2 months) old. I love this age, i wish they could stay this age forever.


I started school at the academy of dog grooming. I'm 101 hours into my 400 hour program. 299 more to go. I've decided I'm working at the Halloween store so i can buy supplies


I've come to the conclusion, finally, that I'm no longer happy or comfortable in a relationship with Mike. For the past year I've been mistakingly shrugging everything off and letting him get away with things that I'd never normally tolerate. Our lease is up in exactly 6 months, and that's when I'll get my own place. I can't wait to be single, again. I haven't been single for 7 years, ugh. I was with Matt since I was 16, until I was 20 and immediately after that I've been with Mike. Ugh. Time to focus a little bit on ME for once... Usually, when the babies are at my moms when I'm at school, I wait about a half hr after mike gets home to come home, so he can shower and eat in peace. I get bitched at for this, I'm not sure why. So, I did that the other day and I was literally bitched at for an hour and he made me sign the blue car over so that he could get a better car, which pissed me off. Because it is my car. whatever. He owes my stepdad $500. I'm gonna make sure that my stepdad gets that $500. Probably when taxes come back. I recently got a haircut, just a cut, and my nails done (fakes, I haven't had since 10th grade) and he flipped out. I just don't understand... Oh, and I recently joined the gym, got bitched at. Anything I do I get bitched at, so I just do what I want anyways since Im getting bitched at either way, constantly. Usually, I would never put up with any of this nonsence. But it's since we have kids and I haven't been working. I can't take the constant fighting, yelling, accusations of me cheating, etc. There's 4 holes in our walls, plus the hole he put in my Grandma's house when I was pregnant. Somedays are okay, and I just think to myself "everything is fine, just stay together for the Kids" Well, now I can catch myself when I say that in my head and now I say, " No, stick to your plan" I know I'll be much happier without him. I have a seasonal job at Halloween City to pay for my grooming equiptment. It's only an 8 week job. I won't see the babies as much, but it is very temperoary and it will help me get where I need to be. Anyways, I will be graduated as a professional pet groomer in Novemeber, and I will get a job in a salon and save as much money as I can. I would like to be single for awhile and focus on my kids and career. I don't want to bring a lot of guys in and out of my childrens life. And I really hope Mike will think the same way, and put his kids first, and put his "relationship life" on hold, or just on his own time. They don't deserve to have a bunch of women coming in and out of their lives. I also can't stand that he puts pot as his number one priority infront of his kids. This is another reason why I need to get away.... I could also nitpick and say that I hate that he doesn't clean up after himself yadda yadda yadda. But that can happen in any relationship and it can be more tolerable, if the person doesn't have all these other flaws. Ugh. I can't wait until 2014.

Mar. 19th, 2012

Babies butts

(no subject)

Well, we are all moved in :) and we love it. We get free cable, which is pretty sweet. One less bill to pay. We painted the whole place minus the 2 bedrooms and bathroom Perfect Greige. I love the color, it brightens up the place.

We went to the casino on St. Pattys Day and won $150. Had a lotta fun.

We're having a boy and a girl. Gracelynn Nicole and Elijah Michael. We can't wait to meet them. I'm 22 weeks now. And I only have 14 more weeks to go if everything goes well, which I think it will. I haven't had any problems so far. The shower is in 6 weeks and I'm also gonna tell the lady I babysit for that Friday, the day before the shower will be my last day. Shell only need to find someone for 5 weeks. And then I'll have up to 8 weeks left (again, if everything goes well...) but I know I'm on a want to get the baby room together. Still have to paint it. And id like to do that before the shower so I won't have baby stuff everywhere. My mom, Geandma and Aunt are going in on 2 crib furniture sets. It's dark Cherry wood crib, dresser, changing table, changing pad and a hamper in each set. My other Aunt already got me a pink cheetah crib bedding set. I'm in love with it.

Decided that we're gonna get married in October. Just something small. Mikes Grandpa is gonna marry us at his house. I'm glad the babies will be there :) I'd love to do it now, but with my moms insurance it covers every dr visit and all hospital stuff, so I wanna wait til that is over. And I'd like to lose weight and have babies there.

Feb. 17th, 2012

Babies butts

(no subject)

I am so happy! We are moving! March 1st. Into a condo at 16 mile and I-94. It's 2 bedrooms with a garage, porch and balcony. I cannot wait to get the hell outta here and finally all completely on our own, finally! Well be paying $650/month with a 2 year contract. Hopefully by then we can be in a house. Cause the twins will be almost 2 and we will need more room. And hopefully Mike will be a Police Officer by the time the contract is up, too. And poor Koda doesn't have much of a backyard. Mikes mom is a few miles away and my mom is a short drive on the express way. I'm glad both me and my mom live right off the express way. So I'll be taking Koda over my moms when we go so he can roam.

My babies shower is April 28th. Can't wait. But also nervous, cause I hate being on the spot. Oh well. My mom and I went out registering at Target a few weekends ago. It was fun, a little overwhelming but there's so much cute shit! We get to find out the genders March 1st! Woohoo. I have a feeling it's 2 boys. Not a gut feeling, a feeling just cause it seems I know of or hear more of 2 boy twins over the other combinations. But I do know a few girl/girl twins, too. So, ya just really never know.

I'm already half way through this. 3 to 3 1/2 months to go. I already can't wait for it to be over. I'm just getting so uncomfortable trying to sleep. I'm sure it will get worse...

Dec. 29th, 2011

Babies butts

(no subject)

Christmas was really good. My Grandma, parents and Mike all went in on a new IPad 2 for me and I love it :)

My dad got me a really nice camera. I got Mike a PS3.

We went to Jason's moms house for Christmas dinner and it was the best homemade lasagna I've ever had.

So, were all set with big toys now. I'm glad I got my camera and iPad. Both take good pictures and videos and I know I'll be using those features a lot once our twins come. Yep, twins! How crazy. I was freaking out when I first found out but now Im so excited and happy. I couldn't imagine not having twins, now. I can't wait! I'm due late June/early July.

I just wish we had our own place. I tried talking Mike into moving into an apartment before the twins come, but he doesn't want to move into a apartment. I don't really either cause I know well be stuck there. He wants to wait about a year and move into a house. We will see...

I'm beginning to hate living at my Grandmas. Because she doesn't clean up after herself at all and it is like I am her maid. She acts like she is incapable of doing anything on her own and I know she can. And it's just little stuff that pisses me off. Like she leaves all her garbage and dishes at the table everyday for me to clean. And her smoking is really getting to me. I really don't want my babies around smoke, especially when they are born. At least I can control it now by going to another room. Then she gets pissed at me cause she says "when I was pregnant I used to smoke packs a day and they all came out fine" well good for you, but I still wanna take care of my body and my babies better. Smoking should be done outside. Mike doesn't smoke around me anymore. She. Needs to quit anyways because she's on a breathing machine because of smoking.... I also can't stand her dog. It's a Maltese, and it shits and pisses everywhere. And I don't want my kids crawling on the floors where her dog pisses and shits. So that's whyi wanna be outta her ASAP. But mike thinks we won't move til after next Christmas, ugh! Also wedding being pushed back til after kids are here cause I don't wanna lose my moms insurance cause it covers everything! Don't have to payable penny to the hospital. I also have to get a c section.

I have my next ultrasound on the 9th at 12 weeks and I'm actually really nervous to go cause I've been reading a lot about Vanishing Twin Syndrome. It happens in the first trimester and it's like a normal miscarriage to one of the twins but there aren't any symptoms. The mother soaks up the blood in her body and the woman goes on to experience a normal pregnancy, but just with one baby. Also, the babies body dissenegrates on its own. So, I'm freaking out. Idk what I'd do if I lost one of these babies. It'd kill me. Only 2 and a half weeks until the 2nd trimester and I can't wait!

Aug. 30th, 2011

Babies butts

(no subject)

Car problems, yet again. The $800 Ford Taurus we had for 2 months took a shit. Head Gasket blew, so we just junked it for $300. We used my brothers car for half a day (to work and back) and on the way back home the alternator went. My dad tried to fix that, and couldn't. So we took it to a shop and spent a little less than $500 on it.

Mike lives with me now, and he rides to work with Jason, since they work at the same place. So that means I get to use my brothers car. I am now an Assistant Manager at the Halloween store this year (at 16/Gratiot.) I'm making $9.60/hour with 40 hours a week. I start on Thursday setting up the store. I am also babysitting 3 days a week in Utica for a 3 year old boy from 6:30-3:30(MWF) and I start tomorrow. I'm making $195/week there. I'm only needed for the school year, because the mom is a teacher. So I am done the 2nd week of June.

So, I'm putting aside all the money I'm making from the Halloween store to put down on a nicer, newer car. I've found some good deals on 2003 Jeep Liberty and I'm thinking that's what I'm gonna do. Mike's making like $600/week, so he's gonna put his money down on something, too. He already has $1,000 saved up for him.

After the Halloween store is over (November 10th is my last day) I'm gonna go to Macomb for a Pharmacy Tech program. It starts the first week of December and lasts til March. It's only one day a week from 8:30-3:30 on Thursdays. It costs $1,200. And then at the end of the program there's a 100 hour unpaid Internship. But they start off making 10-12/hour. So, I will be ready to start working as a Pharm Tech by the time my babysitting job is done. Yay.

Aug. 7th, 2011

Babies butts

(no subject)


Mike and I went up to Wixom Lake a few weeks ago. Was pretty fun!

Then we went to Cedar Point last Sunday with my Aunt, her fiancee and their kids, Mike and I. It was so hot, like high 90s. We rode the Millenium, Maverick, Gemini, Disaster Transport and I can't remember what else but we ended up leaving so early, 4:30. I've never left that early from Cedar Point, ever. But I'm never going in the summer again. I'm strictly Halloweekends. I can't stand the heat and long lines. I love being able to wear sweats and a hoodie with no long lines (Friday night anyways.)

My Aunt is getting married on a cruise ship anymore. We're just all going to take a trip to Florida, and do a bunch of fun things and she's gonna get married.

Mike and I have been talking about getting married on New Years Eve this year. That would be fun. But I don't want anything big or anything. I just want to have a fun day/night, that's all. His Grandpa is gonna marry us.

Mike and I are moving into my Grandma's house sometime this month.(AND KODA!) Since I already do all her shopping, cleaning, and I do her hair and stuff and Mike does her outside work, she decided she wants us to move in. I think we're gonna move down in the basement, cause there's so much more room down there, and it's all redone and finished now. And more privacy. She just wants us to pay a bill and maybe split food bill in half or something. I'm really excited to get the hell out of this crazy house.

I just had an interview at CVS this morning. It went well, the guy said I even did really good and I dressed nice and I have experience and everything. But he said he doesn't have any open positions now, but if another CVS needs someone he will refer me to them and he will call me. I was gonna go to this 3 month program at Macomb (14 class sessions long) for Pharmacy Tech, but the guy at CVS said that they don't require any schooling and they do on the job training. So now I want to get into that. I expressed my interest in becoming a Pharmacy Tech to him, so he knows that in case another CVS is looking for that. I would still kinda like to do the Macomb program though just so I can maybe get into a hospital or something. It costs $1200 and it is 1 day a week for like 3 months. Then a 100 hour non-paid internship. Starts off at $12/hour and goes up to $20-25/hour.

My Grandma might be getting me a job at her work. She works at Binsens. It's a home health office that rents out health equipment. Basically I will be answering phones and doing intake work on the computer. It's full-time and I'd start at $12/hour. So, hopefully I could get a job there. That'd be awesome!

I'm going to Kid Rock this Friday and Raft Off Saturday and bar afterwards for my birthday.
I really don't like birthdays. I hate all the attention. But I think this will be a fun one. =]

Jul. 1st, 2011

Babies butts

(no subject)

I've been babysitting for my Uncle full-time and Mike's been working with my uncle and the guy (my uncles friend) we bought the car off of, roofing. He's making $12/hour, he just got a raise and I'm making $40 a day. Watching these 4 kids everyday isn't even that bad, really. I love little Bennett. He's 2 1/2 but he just says and does the funniest things and he's so loving. Little Helena( 1 1/2) is the same way. I love the two younger ones. Emma and Garrett, the two oldest ones (10 and 6) aren't home much. Emmas always at a friends or keeps to herself and Garrett is always at his "girlfriend" Brin's house, they are inseperable.

Mike and I are going camping with Nicole and Ashley this upcoming weekend. I'm so excited. We're going to Whites and we're kayaking. I have a Dr. appt Friday morning. Then we're leaving in the early afternoon.

I've been grocery shopping for my Grandma lately. And Mike is maintaining her lawn once a week. I'm happy to be helping her out.

I think we're gonna skip Chicago and get married instead. I'd still like to go there one day though, I've never been there. I told my Grandma last night that we're engaged. Now I just have to tell my mom, yikes. My Grandma is all for it, she actually talked to my mom about it last week. Ha.

Jun. 26th, 2011

Babies butts

(no subject)

Mike and I are planning a trip to Chicago this summer, probably in August. I've never been to Chicago, I'm really excited. There's so much we wanna do. I don't knownof a good place to stay at is, though. Hmmm...

Jun. 24th, 2011

Babies butts


I am officially engaged!
I have a beautiful ring.
I couldn't be any happier lately. :)

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