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Babies butts

September 2013

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Babies butts


Mike and I went up to Wixom Lake a few weeks ago. Was pretty fun!

Then we went to Cedar Point last Sunday with my Aunt, her fiancee and their kids, Mike and I. It was so hot, like high 90s. We rode the Millenium, Maverick, Gemini, Disaster Transport and I can't remember what else but we ended up leaving so early, 4:30. I've never left that early from Cedar Point, ever. But I'm never going in the summer again. I'm strictly Halloweekends. I can't stand the heat and long lines. I love being able to wear sweats and a hoodie with no long lines (Friday night anyways.)

My Aunt is getting married on a cruise ship anymore. We're just all going to take a trip to Florida, and do a bunch of fun things and she's gonna get married.

Mike and I have been talking about getting married on New Years Eve this year. That would be fun. But I don't want anything big or anything. I just want to have a fun day/night, that's all. His Grandpa is gonna marry us.

Mike and I are moving into my Grandma's house sometime this month.(AND KODA!) Since I already do all her shopping, cleaning, and I do her hair and stuff and Mike does her outside work, she decided she wants us to move in. I think we're gonna move down in the basement, cause there's so much more room down there, and it's all redone and finished now. And more privacy. She just wants us to pay a bill and maybe split food bill in half or something. I'm really excited to get the hell out of this crazy house.

I just had an interview at CVS this morning. It went well, the guy said I even did really good and I dressed nice and I have experience and everything. But he said he doesn't have any open positions now, but if another CVS needs someone he will refer me to them and he will call me. I was gonna go to this 3 month program at Macomb (14 class sessions long) for Pharmacy Tech, but the guy at CVS said that they don't require any schooling and they do on the job training. So now I want to get into that. I expressed my interest in becoming a Pharmacy Tech to him, so he knows that in case another CVS is looking for that. I would still kinda like to do the Macomb program though just so I can maybe get into a hospital or something. It costs $1200 and it is 1 day a week for like 3 months. Then a 100 hour non-paid internship. Starts off at $12/hour and goes up to $20-25/hour.

My Grandma might be getting me a job at her work. She works at Binsens. It's a home health office that rents out health equipment. Basically I will be answering phones and doing intake work on the computer. It's full-time and I'd start at $12/hour. So, hopefully I could get a job there. That'd be awesome!

I'm going to Kid Rock this Friday and Raft Off Saturday and bar afterwards for my birthday.
I really don't like birthdays. I hate all the attention. But I think this will be a fun one. =]