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Babies butts

September 2013

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Babies butts

Car problems, yet again. The $800 Ford Taurus we had for 2 months took a shit. Head Gasket blew, so we just junked it for $300. We used my brothers car for half a day (to work and back) and on the way back home the alternator went. My dad tried to fix that, and couldn't. So we took it to a shop and spent a little less than $500 on it.

Mike lives with me now, and he rides to work with Jason, since they work at the same place. So that means I get to use my brothers car. I am now an Assistant Manager at the Halloween store this year (at 16/Gratiot.) I'm making $9.60/hour with 40 hours a week. I start on Thursday setting up the store. I am also babysitting 3 days a week in Utica for a 3 year old boy from 6:30-3:30(MWF) and I start tomorrow. I'm making $195/week there. I'm only needed for the school year, because the mom is a teacher. So I am done the 2nd week of June.

So, I'm putting aside all the money I'm making from the Halloween store to put down on a nicer, newer car. I've found some good deals on 2003 Jeep Liberty and I'm thinking that's what I'm gonna do. Mike's making like $600/week, so he's gonna put his money down on something, too. He already has $1,000 saved up for him.

After the Halloween store is over (November 10th is my last day) I'm gonna go to Macomb for a Pharmacy Tech program. It starts the first week of December and lasts til March. It's only one day a week from 8:30-3:30 on Thursdays. It costs $1,200. And then at the end of the program there's a 100 hour unpaid Internship. But they start off making 10-12/hour. So, I will be ready to start working as a Pharm Tech by the time my babysitting job is done. Yay.