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Babies butts

September 2013

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Babies butts

Christmas was really good. My Grandma, parents and Mike all went in on a new IPad 2 for me and I love it :)

My dad got me a really nice camera. I got Mike a PS3.

We went to Jason's moms house for Christmas dinner and it was the best homemade lasagna I've ever had.

So, were all set with big toys now. I'm glad I got my camera and iPad. Both take good pictures and videos and I know I'll be using those features a lot once our twins come. Yep, twins! How crazy. I was freaking out when I first found out but now Im so excited and happy. I couldn't imagine not having twins, now. I can't wait! I'm due late June/early July.

I just wish we had our own place. I tried talking Mike into moving into an apartment before the twins come, but he doesn't want to move into a apartment. I don't really either cause I know well be stuck there. He wants to wait about a year and move into a house. We will see...

I'm beginning to hate living at my Grandmas. Because she doesn't clean up after herself at all and it is like I am her maid. She acts like she is incapable of doing anything on her own and I know she can. And it's just little stuff that pisses me off. Like she leaves all her garbage and dishes at the table everyday for me to clean. And her smoking is really getting to me. I really don't want my babies around smoke, especially when they are born. At least I can control it now by going to another room. Then she gets pissed at me cause she says "when I was pregnant I used to smoke packs a day and they all came out fine" well good for you, but I still wanna take care of my body and my babies better. Smoking should be done outside. Mike doesn't smoke around me anymore. She. Needs to quit anyways because she's on a breathing machine because of smoking.... I also can't stand her dog. It's a Maltese, and it shits and pisses everywhere. And I don't want my kids crawling on the floors where her dog pisses and shits. So that's whyi wanna be outta her ASAP. But mike thinks we won't move til after next Christmas, ugh! Also wedding being pushed back til after kids are here cause I don't wanna lose my moms insurance cause it covers everything! Don't have to payable penny to the hospital. I also have to get a c section.

I have my next ultrasound on the 9th at 12 weeks and I'm actually really nervous to go cause I've been reading a lot about Vanishing Twin Syndrome. It happens in the first trimester and it's like a normal miscarriage to one of the twins but there aren't any symptoms. The mother soaks up the blood in her body and the woman goes on to experience a normal pregnancy, but just with one baby. Also, the babies body dissenegrates on its own. So, I'm freaking out. Idk what I'd do if I lost one of these babies. It'd kill me. Only 2 and a half weeks until the 2nd trimester and I can't wait!