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Babies butts

September 2013

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Babies butts

Gracie & Noah are a year (and almost 2 months) old. I love this age, i wish they could stay this age forever.


I started school at the academy of dog grooming. I'm 101 hours into my 400 hour program. 299 more to go. I've decided I'm working at the Halloween store so i can buy supplies


I've come to the conclusion, finally, that I'm no longer happy or comfortable in a relationship with Mike. For the past year I've been mistakingly shrugging everything off and letting him get away with things that I'd never normally tolerate. Our lease is up in exactly 6 months, and that's when I'll get my own place. I can't wait to be single, again. I haven't been single for 7 years, ugh. I was with Matt since I was 16, until I was 20 and immediately after that I've been with Mike. Ugh. Time to focus a little bit on ME for once... Usually, when the babies are at my moms when I'm at school, I wait about a half hr after mike gets home to come home, so he can shower and eat in peace. I get bitched at for this, I'm not sure why. So, I did that the other day and I was literally bitched at for an hour and he made me sign the blue car over so that he could get a better car, which pissed me off. Because it is my car. whatever. He owes my stepdad $500. I'm gonna make sure that my stepdad gets that $500. Probably when taxes come back. I recently got a haircut, just a cut, and my nails done (fakes, I haven't had since 10th grade) and he flipped out. I just don't understand... Oh, and I recently joined the gym, got bitched at. Anything I do I get bitched at, so I just do what I want anyways since Im getting bitched at either way, constantly. Usually, I would never put up with any of this nonsence. But it's since we have kids and I haven't been working. I can't take the constant fighting, yelling, accusations of me cheating, etc. There's 4 holes in our walls, plus the hole he put in my Grandma's house when I was pregnant. Somedays are okay, and I just think to myself "everything is fine, just stay together for the Kids" Well, now I can catch myself when I say that in my head and now I say, " No, stick to your plan" I know I'll be much happier without him. I have a seasonal job at Halloween City to pay for my grooming equiptment. It's only an 8 week job. I won't see the babies as much, but it is very temperoary and it will help me get where I need to be. Anyways, I will be graduated as a professional pet groomer in Novemeber, and I will get a job in a salon and save as much money as I can. I would like to be single for awhile and focus on my kids and career. I don't want to bring a lot of guys in and out of my childrens life. And I really hope Mike will think the same way, and put his kids first, and put his "relationship life" on hold, or just on his own time. They don't deserve to have a bunch of women coming in and out of their lives. I also can't stand that he puts pot as his number one priority infront of his kids. This is another reason why I need to get away.... I could also nitpick and say that I hate that he doesn't clean up after himself yadda yadda yadda. But that can happen in any relationship and it can be more tolerable, if the person doesn't have all these other flaws. Ugh. I can't wait until 2014.